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It's time for the annual office holiday party here at "Cutting Edge Office Supplies"! 





Tensions have been building between several of 

the employees all year and the boss thinks this party

 will help brighten everyone's spirits.








The party actually starts out that way!


A company called "Reaching New Heights Team-

Building Group" has been hired to lead all of the fun

activities at the party!  Everyone's favorite Christmas

songs are playing in the background while almost all

of the employees are working together on a fun team-

building project!




Then suddenly, tragedy strikes!




Good thing a Detective and a couple cops are at the party!  But who did it?

Could it be the office brown-nose, or maybe it was the back-stabber? Maybe it was the office gossiper?





There are several disgruntled employees, but is it the power hungry jerk or the office bimbo that wants revenge? 



Or does someone want to get revenge on them?

Several murders take place and we discover that a string of Christmas lights were used to strangle one of the victims! We also discover that a few office items were used to murder the others!


Can your team solve the crimes?


This mystery is filled with fun Christmas team-building games, Caroling, Christmas music, Christmas lights,  ornaments, candy canes, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!! 

This mystery is filled with fun Christmas team-building games, Caroling, Christmas music, Christmas lights,  ornaments, candy canes, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!! 

Everyone will be in the holiday spirit after this party...except the few that

were naughty this year !




Here are all of the details!

This is a very interactive event!

Our directors make everyone in your group a character!

Hint: The victims and the killers are members of your party!

Everyone in your group has a part in the mystery!




We ask you, the party planner, to pick several very outgoing people in your group to 

play certain character roles that require them to be in the spotlight. We don't want to pick on anyone that's shy for these roles!




Several murders take place and it's up to each person to solve the crimes. We give small prizes to the winners and everyone else! 




This entire mystery is about team-building. It is completely interactive! Everyone must

 interact with each other to find clues, play the games, and solve the crimes. Everyone

becomes a character and they have a part to play as their character.




Book This Party In 3 Easy Steps!

1. Pick The Date and Time!

Prices and Party-Lengths


2. Choose a Location For Your Party!


Your favorite restaurant, home, office, church, etc, anywhere!


3. Call Us: 708-637-4620

To Reserve Your Party Date and Time!


That's It! You're Done!



Our directors take care of the rest!

We involve everyone in your group!



Your boss will be so happy that you found this

fun event that you will get

a raise!!!.....maybe.

We guarantee we will give you a killer party!

This will be the party they will want to have again

next year!

Christmas murder at the office party
rockin around the Chrismas tree
Christmas Reindeer
employees celebrating Christmas
Coworkers honoring employee.
Santa dancing
company murder
everyone dancing to Christmas songs
Christmas lights at the party
computer mouse could be dangerous
stapler could be a weapon
someone is spying on you
Santa says hi
Christmas Caroling at the murder mystery
Santa looking for clues
Santa checking to see who is good or bad
dead body at the murder mystery
another one dead
merry Christmas from the murder mystery
Santa and reindeer
envelope glue sticks to your tongue
paper clips are scary
Christmas lights are pretty

DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment purposes only. This is a fictitious company with fictitious characters. Any resemblance to your co-workers or your boss is purely coincidental. These characters are overly stereotypical and not meant to be taken seriously. However, if your boss or co-workers can see themselves in any of this, my advice to you would be to leave your office now by way of running and screaming!!!

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